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Christmas Box

Welcome to the Digital Asset Page!


What's in the Box?


In your box, you have received the following cutters. I've added notes as to my thoughts or notes on how to use them. I typically roll my clay out on a 2 on my Atlas 180/150.

  • 40oz Stanley Topper
    • I included this because I know it's trendy and is something extra you can use for your markets this fall. Use texture sheets, transfer papers, add fun sayings, or even add 3d florals to it!
  • 3pc 3D Bow Maker 
    • This 3D Bow maker is a special request from Sarah to make a 1 inch wide bow! To use it, fold the ends in towards the back, use the tiny rectangle to wrap the center with the seam in the back, and then use the bow ends to create the dangling pieces. You can use that piece in two ways - either use it as designed or flip it and slice the end at a 45 degree angle for a different look!
  • 20 24 Studs
    • I wanted to give you something fun for NYE so I landed on these 20 24 studs! I'll be adorning some with glitter and some with 3d flowers! You can also make really cute stacked dangles with them, too!
  • Basic Gnome & His Hat Imprints for Christmas
    • Gnomes are really popular, but this guy was designed to be used all year long. I included two tiny hat imprints to make him have a floppy Santa hat for Christmas. His size is also meant to hold any of the Christmas studs. Just create some hands for him by hand or with a tiny circle cutter!
  • Bow Stud
    • I think Bows might be my favorite christmas thing. This is just for a tiny little stud. You can also use this bow to add to the present stud or to make stud bases for some of the dangles in your Christmas collection!
  • Bubble Wreath 
    • I made a floral wreath for the April box, so I wanted this one to be different. I decided to make a bubble wreath for balloons or Christmas ornaments!
  • Long Bow
    • The long bow cutter can be used separately, but I also sized it to go right on the bubble wreath, too!
  • Cross
    • So many people have requested a pretty cross. I think not only would this be perfect for florals, I also think this would be an amazing necklace as a gift for moms and grandmas!
  • Dog Tag
    • This was a last minute addition in honor of Heather's Great Dane Ella who recently passed away. I wanted more than just earrings in this box, and this is another thing to add to your repertoire if the people who walk by don't wear earrings but DO have puppers!  
  • Imprinted Cross/Petal 
    • I wanted to include a piece that was christmas-esque but more for everyday wear or holiday parties, so I created this imprinted cross/petal design. You will need either cornstarch OR saran wrap for this one (on top of making sure that the clay is well adhered) because there's a lot going on and it will get stuck if you do not.
  • Gingerbread Man
    • I opted to create a whole gingerbread man so that you can create many different options from this. Add a bow to the top to create a gingerbread girl. Add your own designs a la christmas cookies. remove parts with your wavy tissue blade to make it look like someone took a bite! Stack them for long dangles. So many options!
  • Winter Hat
    • I designed this one based on my own hat that I recently got! I had a hat embroidered with a floral design on the band, and I thought it'd be perfect to recreate the same look in clay! I also thought it'd pair perfectly with the mitten studs dangling from the hat, too!
  • Mitten Stud
    • This goes perfectly with the winter hat above, but it also can be used on a christmas slab or as a simple stud, too!
  • Holly Stud
    • The holly stud can be used on its own as a stud, it can be paired with another holly and some red balls to create a pretty holly stud, or you could even make a whole wreath from it and place the holly pieces on a circle cutout!
  • 4 pc DIY Anthropologie Ornament Set
    • I got really inspired by this anthropologie ornament set I saw, so I created a four piece dangle that can be used in several ways. It includes a tiny circle, a small oval, a long skinny teardrop and a wider teardrop. You can make SO many pretty antique looking ornaments by using them in different layouts. 
  • Ornament Stud
    • Originally designed for the gnome to hold, I also wanted to include a basic ornament stud. For mine, I'll be using transfer papers and then adding a gold top with the krylon paint pen and sealing with resin.
  • Peppermint
    • I wanted to include a Christmas candy, but I've always struggled with peppermint candy canes. So when I saw a glittery pink and white peppermint while wandering the aisles of hobby lobby, I thought ooh, I could make a round peppermint cutter! You can use liquid clay or resin to "paint" it!
  • 3pc Poinsettia 3D Flower Maker
    • I *love* this set. Not only can it be used to make a 3d poinsettia, it can also be used as a stackable flower dangle or even just a pretty shape for a dangle!
  • Present Stud
    • Designed for the gnome to hold, but it can also be used on a christmas slab or as a stud! If it's just a basic stud, liven it up by making the ribbon gold with your krylon paint pen!
  • Present with Bow
    • This is more of a statement piece, and I'll definitely be making the bow and ribbon gold. It's large enough to also add flowers to it!
  • Reindeer
    • What's Christmas without a Reindeer? This pretty deer will be a showstopper! There's a few options to hang with a little wider area on the antlers. Add a face if you want!
  • Scalloped Huggie
    • The scalloped huggie cutter is just another basic everyday piece, but Christmas-esque with the scallops. It pairs with the metal huggie bar I included to bake on!
  • Snowflake Cutout
    • My original snowflake design failed on the printer over 8 times, so I redesigned it to this one, which I actually love even more! I actually recommend using the tiny little screws to add a loop as the snowflake is not super thick to drill into. You could also use jump rings through the cutout, too! 
  • Snowman Stud
    • The snowman stud is designed for the gnome, but can also be used as a simple stud - maybe add a hat, nose, scarf, or buttons! It can also be used on a Christmas slab.
  • Stocking Stud
    • The stocking stud can be used with the gnome. You can also use it on a Christmas slab or even add some white for the top that folds over and make some cute little studs!
  • Tree Stud
    • I always love a basic modern tree stud. I love making them in tons of trendy colors and add the krylon gold paint pen to the bottoms. Super basic but best sellers every year.
  • Tree 
    • And then there's the bigger tree with scalloped edges. Perfect for the Little Debbie statement size trees, as well as a design your own tree piece!

Other Items in Your Box

  • 8.8 oz bar of cernit translucent
  • 3oz bar of sculpey premo in one of my favorite Christmas colors (colors vary among packages)
  • A sample of kato blackout clay
    • If you don't know what this is, if you ever have a super colorful pattern that won't color mix well, you can add a pinch of this and it'll turn the entire thing black. Then you can use it as black clay! It's a super fun tool, and most people don't know about it!
  • Samples of 6 Colors of Marblers Glitter: Christmas Green, Holo Silver, Icy Blue, Glass White, Santa Red, and Light Gold
  • Vintage Silver Crushed Glass 
  • Jewel Tone Crushed Glass
  • Glass Crystals (intended to be used as dangling pieces)
  • Huggie Bar for Baking
  • 6 Pieces of Chalk Pastels (colors vary among packages)
    • Use them to coat small pieces of cernit translucent - mix the colors of the chalk pastels to create your own custom colors! I shave my pastels with an exacto knife!


Other Digital Assets!


    Maverly Designs GIFT CARD!
    I purchased $5 gift cards for each of you to get anything you want from Shelby's shop this holiday season! She has tons of beautiful findings, gorgeous texture mats, silkscreens, floral molds and cutters. There is no minimum purchase and the code is JacksonandJune. There is only one per person and we'll know if you share the code, so please do NOT share it with anyone!


    Color Recipes (you'll need the passcode from your box)


    Discount Code
    30% off your next order with the code on your digital assets sheet! No minimum. Expires on 12/31. Again, one per person. I'll know if you share this, so please don't! :)