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Tools FAQ

Jackson & June Polymer Clay 3D Printed Cutters & Silkscreens FAQ
Cutter Information
  • What are the clay cutters made out of & how thin is the cutting blade? 
    Jackson & June Polymer Clay Cutters are 3D Printed with PLA. As of June 15, 2022, our cutters have been completely redesigned with a .35mm cutting blade and with new filament, resulting in stronger cutters and a sharp blade! Size listed is the long side, and if a size selection is not included, the design is not suitable for that size. All cutters are made to order. Check the announcement on the home page for current processing time.

  • What size should I purchase?
    At the end of each basic listing, I have a "my sizing opinion" listed where I say which sizes are good for studs and which sizes are good for dangles. If multiple sizes are listed, my thought process was a dainty to statement scale. You will notice there may be other sizes available, but I personally wouldn't use anything that isn't listed in this my sizing opinion section. I removed small sizes from availability if I thought it wouldn't look good as a stud. I know how hard it is to determine which size to purchase, so I hope these recommendations help! For specialty cutters, only the sizes listed are available to purchase.

  • How do I use Jackson & June 3D printed cutters? Tips for sticking? Will I need to sand?
    Place your clay on a glazed tile and make sure the clay is really stuck! I dip my cutter into cornstarch and wipe away with a clean fluffy brush before doing my skeleton pull. The cornstarch is KEY, especially for more detailed cutters! Press down with your cutter, and wiggle while pressing down. Gently rock back and forth while pulling up. For more complex designs, you may want to cover your clay with cling wrap before using, but this will cause a rounded edge. When using a tissue blade to remove, you may notice a tiny bit of razor thin remnants, which can be easily removed simply by running your finger over the edge of the clay. 

  • How do I care for 3D printed cutters? 
    PLA is heat sensitive, so please only hand wash with cool water and never put in the dishwasher. I personally clean mine with a baby wipe and isopropyl alcohol. 

  • Do you offer custom clay cutters? Can you recreate this cutter from another artist?
    DM us on Instagram to inquire about availability for a custom cutter. But, no, I won't recreate something from another artist. If you love an artist's creation, please go support them!

  • My cutter broke (through no fault of my own). What do I do?
    DM me on instagram, and we'll get you taken care of!


Silkscreen Information

  • Where are your silkscreens from? Are they heat transfer vinyl?
    I partner with Silkscreens by Tonja to provide her amazing silkscreens to you all! They are not made with heat transfer vinyl, but instead are made with a photo emulsion technique. The silkscreens are amazing, provide sharp lines, and will last with proper care!

  • How do I use my silkscreen?
    Lay the silkscreen on your slab of clay, shiny side down. Using a roller or your hand, gently make sure that the screen is making 100% contact with the clay, but do not press the silkscreen down into the clay, as that will ruin the silkscreen. Squeeze a line of medium-bodied or thick-bodied acrylic paint (I like Liquitex) on one edge of the silkscreen. Using an old credit card or something similar, pull or drag (do not press) the paint across the surface until you have full coverage. Immediately clean or you will ruin the silkscreen.

  • How do I clean my silkscreen?
    Place the silkscreen in a shallow dish of water or rinse off immediately so that the paint does not dry and clog the openings in the silkscreen. Gently wash (do not scrub) the silkscreen off and let it dry flat before using it again. 

  • My silkscreen is clogged (because I didn't clean it properly). Can I get a new one?
    Unfortunately, no. You would have to purchase another one. 

Shipping, Returns & Refunds

  • When should I expect my order?
    All cutters are made to order. Please see the shop announcements for current processing time. 

  • What shipping options do I have?
    Please note that Jackson and June is not responsible for lost/stolen packages once USPS picks your items up, which is why we always suggest you order with insurance. We offer first class shipping (no tracking/insurance) for $5.50 per order and priority shipping (tracking + $100 insurance) for $8.50 per order. On US-based orders over $100, we include free domestic first class shipping. 

  • Do you offer international shipping?
    Yes! We also offer economy international shipping to Canada & New Zealand. Please contact us if you'd like to see your country added in the future.

  • Do you accept returns or give refunds?
    We do not accept returns or give refunds. However, we want to make sure you're happy with your order! If you have any issues at all, please DM us on Instagram so that we can get you taken care of!