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70 Fall Color Recipes

70 Fall Color Recipes

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I have created over SEVENTY shades perfect for a fall color palette! Remember, you can also alter these colors even more by creating lighter shades of each by adding more white. You can also make them metallic by adding a little pinch of premo pearl (they'll be slightly lighter)!

Remember that digital colors are not quite accurate, but I tried my best to match these digital representations to the actual pieces of clay to give you the best idea of what it looks like in natural light.

For these color recipes you will need a little more clay than I typically use for color mixing. The 8 colors in these recipes include:


Sculpey Souffle in



Sculpey Premo in

Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Yellow
Burnt Umber


Please tag me in your creations at @_jacksonandjune_! I love to see the beautiful things you make!!



I worked incredibly hard on creating these color recipes for you. Please respect that I ask you not to share this item, as it is a paid item available in my store, and your sharing would take money away from my family. Thank you!