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Floral Cutters | Anenome/Poppy

Floral Cutters | Anenome/Poppy

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Sizing: petal is approximately 1 inch wide. Final flower in photo is approximately 2 inches wide and 1.75 in tall. It can be made smaller by pulling the petals closer to the center.

These floral cutters are designed for creators to use them however they see fit. I like to roll out to a 4 on my pasta machine and then use a ball tool to thin out the petals even more. I also use a petal veiner to add texture. For the center, I used a .5 in circle and then added tiny balls of clay to the center.

If you need a method to prevent sticking, I prefer to use cornstarch. You can also cover your clay with cling wrap, but this will cause a rounded edge. Press down, wiggle a little, and gently rock back and forth to release. I would also recommend using firmer clay (place in the freezer or refrigerator for a bit if it's soft or sticky).

Jackson & June Polymer Clay Cutters are 3D Printed with PLA. This cutter is NEWLY designed with .3mm edge (the photo is of our original .4mm edge). All of our cutters are made to order. Due to the intricacy of these cutters, extended print time is required. Please check the home page for current cutter processing time.