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Spring Floral Box | Poppy

Spring Floral Box | Poppy

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Flower Stud - approximately .75in wide (19.05mm)
Leaves Dangle - approximately 1.25 in wide (31.75mm)

- For Impression Cutters, I roll my clay out 0-2 on my atlas (thicker settings). The impressions begin 1.5mm deep into the clay.
- You MUST roll your clay onto the tile and also use a method to prevent sticking. I prefer to use cornstarch. You can also cover your clay with cling wrap, but this will cause a rounded edge. Press down, wiggle a little, and gently rock back and forth to release. I would also recommend using firmer clay (place in the freezer or refrigerator for a bit if it's soft or sticky).

Jackson & June Polymer Clay Cutters are 3D Printed with PLA. These cutters have a 3.5mm cutting edge. All of our cutters are made to order. Please check the home page for current cutter processing time.