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The Creative Era Surprise Box

The Creative Era Surprise Box

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My 39th birthday is soon, and I’ve been on a pretty crazy growth journey since the summer. Really trying to figure out what it is that I want to do with my life. Maybe an early mid life crisis? 😂

But part of this has been letting go of expectations of what is trending and getting back to the basics of why I love creating so much. Art is my safe place and it has manifested in so many beautiful ways throughout my life. 

When I got into the polymer clay community, earrings were what I learned because they were what was on trend at the time. And truthfully I think they will continue to be because they’re lightweight and gorgeous!

That said, I, along with a LOT of you, don’t enjoy making the same thing over and over again. It drains your creativity and joy and passion, often leaving you feeling burnt out and like you have to do this instead of you get to do this. 

About a month ago, I heard this story about the difference between a washing machine and sewing machine. The washing machine is reliable. It works exactly the same every time. The results every time are the same - your clothes get cleaned. But a sewing machine creates something special every time and it depends on what fabric you have, what design you choose, what stitches you use, and what other materials you decide to work with. I have been a washing machine in my entire career as a creative. But after hearing this, I can never go back. I can’t unhear this life changing story. 

So this box is my gift to you. 39 pieces selected or created by me to create things outside of the box. Not just to create earrings (yes there will be some earring items). But to create all the fun things we’ve done over the 30 day challenge. Wearable items, decorative items, functional items…so many cool things!

The price point is slightly higher than my other boxes to account for the larger pieces that will be included.

This box will ship towards mid - end of April! Please do not purchase if you are unwilling to wait.