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Image Transfers | Yellow, Orange & Salmon Floral Doodle

Image Transfers | Yellow, Orange & Salmon Floral Doodle

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Each image transfer is a quarter sheet - approximately 4x5in. Image transfers are printed directly on a water soluble paper. I recommend using image transfers only on white clay. Place the image transfer face down so that the toner adheres to the raw clay, carefully burnish it to make sure the toner is adhered well, and then run under water until the paper dissolves completely leaving only the toner behind. Cure according to your clay package directions and seal.


NOTE ABOUT COLOR: Color may slightly vary due to computer screen calibration as well as printer calibration. Please be aware of this, as refunds will not be issued for dissatisfaction with color. We do our best to make sure it’s as accurate as possible to the photos in the listing. Also, please be aware that colors may shift in the oven. In all of our tests, the toner has held up very well to heat and not had these issues, but it is still a possibility.


Note about waterslide decals: I no longer sell waterslide decals (the plastic sheets), however, I do still have a pack of the paper left, so you can DM me on instagram if you would like the waterslide decals instead.